Wife Ready Bootcamp Webinar

Prepare for marriage beyond the wedding day.

Monday, november 4, 2019 | 8PM EST

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Every year millions of people get married and millions get divorced. Every year billions of dollars and countless hours are spent on wedding plans and ceremonies. Sadly, only a fraction of the time and money is spent on premarital preparation. As a result, couples suffer from being unprepared for the marathon of marriage.  

Wife Ready focuses on preparing women far beyond the wedding day, because the happier, healthier, whole, healed and complete women they are as individuals, the better their marriage will be.

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boot camp feedback

"I am more positive about my future and who I am in Christ.”

“I feel committed to waiting for a man who is husband ready.”

“It superseded what I had expected. I’ve completed many single seminars in the past but this one went deeper. It brought out suppressed feelings of issues that I dealt with as a child, preteen and teenager. I thought I had gotten over them but during the webinars and completing the homework assignments I had to deal with the hard reality that I’m not over it and that I need the Holy Spirit to get through it so that I can be healed and prepared for the husband God has for me.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your obedience to God, your transparency and humility in sharing your own story and helping us (me) to be prepared to be the best wife/wives that we (I) can be.”

“My life has been impacted in a greater way. Not only preparing for a wedding but just being that Proverbs 31 woman all together. I've healed so much! The little girl in me was finally freed on day 1 of the webinar and I'm glad I was able to be at peace with where I am.”

“This webinar open my eyes to some truths that I never considered.”

“I appreciate your passion and purpose in this which is much needed. Thank you, Kim!”

“I leaned so many great things about being a wife and about marriage where God is the foundation. I’ve even found myself sharing some of the advise with my sisters and other woman friends . I feel more secure with being a wife and making a marriage work.”

“People think because you’re a woman you automatically know how to be a wife or mother and offer no help or guidance. Your gift and obedience is much needed. “

”I made some immediate changes in my approach, expectations, and thought process. I felt more confident in myself as a single woman. I found more self worth. I developed core values that I didn't realize weren't solidly written and demanded for myself and my future.”




Kim McQuitty is speaker, mentor, and premarital coach, who has been encouraging women through ministry for over 25 years. She has authored 2 books entitled, Me, My Man and His Music - My Life as a Musician's Wife, and Unsave the Date - Are You Wife Ready.

Kim challenges and inspires women to maximize their potential and walk in their God-appointed purpose by fulfilling Christ’s mandate for their lives. Many have been touched by her pragmatic, influential messages that transform lives, heal hearts, and win souls for Jesus Christ. Her vision is for ordinary women to become extraordinary women of distinction, worth, emotional wholeness, and Kingdom excellence.

Married for 24 years to the late Marvin McQuitty, Jr., it was through her personal marriage experience, counseling to couples and ministry to women that Wife Ready was born to prepare women for marriage beyond the wedding day.  Kim resides in Atlanta and has two adult daughters.  

boot camp details

The wedding of your dreams can turn into a marriage nightmare if you are not prepared.

Wife Ready Boot Camp is a life-changing seminar for women who desire marriage, or are engaged. During this time, we will be:

  • uncovering the dynamics that interfere with having a happy and healthy relationship

  • sharing tools for conflict resolution and overcoming communication challenges

  • getting to the root of repeated relationship mistakes 

  • challenging and empowering single and newly married women to take an honest look at themselves

  • providing education about the marriage covenant, and the commitment and sacrifices involved

  • shedding light on the main issues that causes marriages to fail

Participants will receive wisdom, guidance and tools to help them prepare for the most important human relationship they will have on earth.


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