Wife Ready Boot Camp Webinar

6-week online course

Weekly each Monday from July 15 - August 19, 2019

8 pm – 9 pm EST

$49.99* per person

*Workbook included


Wife Ready Boot Camp is an intensive workshop for women who are single or seriously dating. 

Get ready to take this journey with Kim McQuitty as she focuses on preparing you for marriage beyond the wedding day. Kim is an author, speaker, mentor, and Certified Christian and Premarital Coach. With her wit and wisdom, Kim will give you straight talk about marriage. The health of your marriage depends on the health of who you are. The happier, healthier, healed and more whole you are as an individual, the better your marriage will be. Prepare yourself to be challenged, changed, transformed and ready to be found. Wife Ready adheres to a Christian worldview and principles which are biblically based.


Who is this for?

Single, and seriously dating women, ages 18 and up who want:

  • to uncover the dynamics that interfere with having a happy and healthy relationship

  • to get to the root of repeated relationship mistakes, if any

  • to be equipped for the responsibility of being a wife

  • to be challenged and empowered to take an honest look at herself

  • the tools for conflict resolution and communication challenges

  • to learn more about the marriage covenant and the commitment and sacrifices it really takes

  • to be enlightened on the main issues that causes marriages to fail

You'll experience...

  • Tools to help you strengthen and maintain success in your relationship 

  • Real insights and practical ways you can become better prepared for marriage

  • Transparency and myths about marriage that will be debunked

We will discuss...

  • How long should you wait before he proposes

  • How to think and act like a wife before you become one

  • Sex...to wait or not to wait

  • How do I identify the right guy

  • The importance of leaving the past behind

  • How to stay true to yourself

  • How to get the love you want, deserve and desire

  • Money differences

  • Parental impact and how it pertains to your relationships

Space is limited. Registration is non-refundable, but transferable.  Registrants will be mailed their workbook 7 days before the webinar begins. International registrants will receive a PDF of the workbook.