Unsave the Date

How often do women dedicate countless hours preparing for the wedding with very little consideration and preparation for the marriage?  Preparing for the wedding day and preparing for married life are not the same.

Wedding planning begins months in advance as couples send out Save the Date postcards to ensure family and friends reserve the date to witness their nuptials. Thousands of dollars are spent on having the perfect dress, cake, venue and honeymoon. Months and even years of planning go into being wedding ready, but what about the weeks, months and years following as being a wife.  Who’s helping women become wife ready?

The wedding festivities will last a few hours, but marriage is for a lifetime.  The wedding of your dreams can become a marriage nightmare if you are not prepared. That’s why this book was written. It isn’t just for engaged women who has a ring and a date.  It’s for those who desire marriage, are newly married and even a divorced woman who wants to know what went wrong in her dissolved marriage.

In Unsave the Date, Kim wants women to pause and consider what they are signing up for in becoming wife.  She gives insight and practical ways women can become better prepared for the marathon of marriage.  Kim also frankly addresses the lack of marital readiness one may encounter and tackles topics that are often misunderstood or simply not addressed.